Baby Names Inspired by Nature

April 29, 2021 4 min read


Nature Baby Names for Girls & Boys

The wonderful world of nature is an inspiration for so many aspects of our lives. From iconic artwork to dazzling jewelry, to breathtaking architecture and scientific innovations.

Yet Mother Nature herself has one more gift to give: unique names for your own little ‘sprout’. In this guide we take you on a stroll down nature’s path, exploring ways that your own favorite part about nature can be incorporated into your baby’s name.

You’re no doubt already familiar with some of the classics, such as Daisy, Rose, and Lily, but did you know that there has been a new trend towards non-traditional nature names for babies?

If you’re on the hunt for nature baby names for girls and boys, you’ve come to the right place. We hope this selection offers some inspiration as you carefully choose what to name your little bundle of joy.

Girl Nature Names

Abilene: Abilene comes from the Hebrew word for ‘meadow’, offering an exotic flair without being too difficult for your child to spell. Be warned though, ‘Abby’ is sure to be a favored nickname by friends and family.

Azalea: You’ll find no shortage of flower-based names online, but this one, whose namesake is a hot pink flowering plant is quite simply gorgeous and fun to say out loud.

Bloom: A bit off the beaten path, this name embodies the promise of growth, beauty, joy and fulfillment as your little one flourishes in life.

Blossom: Similar to bloom, this name offers the promise of budding into something truly special, but also has a certain air of southern charm to it.

Coral: Oceanic in origin, this seaside namesake is a perfect alternative to traditional ocean names such as ‘Pearl’.

Clementine:Reminiscent of sunshine and summer, Clementine’s namesake is the Clementine orange, sweet, succulent, and bright.

Dalia:Popular in Lithuania, Dalia means ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’. Originating from ancient pagan traditions, today many people associate Dalia with the bold and beautiful flowers bearing its name.

Dandelion:Your little girl will no doubt grow like a weed, but we bet you didn’t think you could name her after one! Turns out, dandelion is a perfect name for a little girl, with the underlying symbolism of never giving up, adapting to their environment, and let’s not forget about ‘wishies’.

Elara: The name of one of Jupiter’s moons, Elara originates from Greek mythology.

Forsythia:Exotic and unique, the Forsythia is a bold and illustrious yellow flower.

Juniper: This small evergreen tree/shrub featuring berry-like cones might be the perfect name for your own little pine-cone to be.

Lotus: Highly regarded by many cultures throughout the world, the Lotus gives off an Asian vibe, and is a symbol of enlightenment, purity and rebirth.

Wisteria: Living for up to 1200 years, the Wisteria (a woody vining plant with beautiful flowers) is symbolic of love, support, sensuality, sensitivity and bliss.

Boy Nature Names

Addax: The majestic antelope native to the Saharan, this name is a name as unique as your baby boy.

Alder: The Alder tree, regarded as the ‘Goddess Tree’, has incredible symbolism, embodying determination, protection, strength, confidence, and royalty.

Canyon:An ideal outdoor-esq name for a boy, this name implies both physical as well as intellectual and spiritual depth.

Falcon:Graceful, wise, creative, and adventurous, Falcon is a name we especially like for boys.

Forrest: Wise and expansive, Forrest is a name embodying nature and inspiring feelings of tranquility, peace and knowledge.

Reef: Capture the spirit of the ocean with this name that is the perfect opposite of ‘Coral’ for a girl.

Stone: Strong, sturdy, a bit stubborn and full of perseverance, ‘Stone’ is the perfect name for your soon to be rough and tumble boy.

Unisex Nature Baby Names

Ash: Short for ‘Ashlyn’ or ‘Asher’, this abbreviated version can be easily adopted as a name for the little boy or girl in your life.

Breeze: Calm and gentle, this name is a soothing and inspiring name for either a boy or a girl.

Cloud: Equally suitable for a girl or boy, elevate your options for names with one literally in the clouds.

Clover: Green and full of luck, will your newborn baby girl or boy be the lucky 4-leaf clover in your life?

Ember:Stemming from old Hebrew, meaning ‘appointed by God’, the ember is a source of heat, energy and light. Let your child’s name burn as bright as this elemental and literal heart of the fire.

Equinox:Representing either of two points on a celestial sphere, at the point where the equator intersects the ecliptic, this event (potentially the namesake of your boy or girl) takes place twice yearly when the sun crosses the equator.

Halcyon: From the Green, meaning ‘kingfisher bird’, this name lends itself to multiple abbreviations such as ‘Hal’, ‘Cyon’ or ‘Halc’ for short. In English, Halcyon means to look back at a time of peace.

Kai: Unique, easy for your child to spell, and perfectly unisex, this name comes from the Hawaiian meaning for ‘sea’, while in Japan the word Kai stems from the meaning for willow tree.

Lark: Traditionally a name most often used for girls, Lark has been an increasingly popular name for boys as well.

Meridian: In Eastern medicine, a Meridian is a set of pathways through which vital energy is purported to flow. In science, a meridian is described as a circle of longitude that passes through a prescribed point on the earth’s surface and terrestrial poles.

Solstice: Ideal for girls or boys, Solstice is a celestial name. Derived from the Latin ‘Sol’ (meaning sun) and sistere (meaning to stand still), this celestial name is as unique as your child.

Wren: Let this bird name take flight on your shortlist of potential girl or boys names. Symbolizing enthusiasm and action in the Celtic culture, this name is short, easy to spell, and rolls of the tongue nicely.

Feeling Inspired by Our List of Nature Names for Girls and Boys?

We hope so! Naming your child is a rewarding experience and one that can be as challenging as it is fun. If you have your mind set on names inspired by nature, we hope that this list was able to get your creative juices flowing.

Have ideas we should add? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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