Newborn Essentials - Checklist for 2021

July 13, 2021 6 min read

Newborn Essentials - Checklist for 2021

You’ve got enough on your mind with a newborn already here or on the way. Let us take some of the mental load off with our ultimate checklist of baby essentials to kick things off to a great start.

With this newborn checklist, you’ll have everything you need to make your little angel’s debut into the world smooth and stress-free.

Baby Essentials: Everything you Need and Nothing you Don’t

The Nursery Checklist

Your baby’s nursery is ground zero for any newborn. Here’s what you need to keep your newborn safe and comfortable in their new home.

Crib:Arguably the most important item on the nursery checklist, the crib is where your little bundle of joy will be sleeping for up to 16 or more per day.

Crib Mattress:Some cribs don’t come with a crib mattress. If this is the case, you’ll need to find one that fits the make and model of your crib.

Bedding: We’ll be keeping this to a minimum. Remember, any excess of blankets, toys, pillows, bumper pads and more can increase the risk of accidental suffixation and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). But what you will need is a waterproof mattress cover and a selection of fitted sheets to cover the crib mattress.

Bassinet: Optional and up to personal preference.

Baby Monitor: Today’s monitors are more sophisticated than ever before, allowing parents to keep a watchful eye and ear on their little ones from afar. For example,the Nursery Pal Premium doubles as an interactive viewer as well as an entertainment and education tablet for your infant.

Curious now and can’t wait? Consider theRoo, a portable prenatal listening system that allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat starting at just 20-weeks of pregnancy.

Night Light: Ambient light from a nightlight can be soothing and set the tone for bedtime, it can also help you navigate the room without having to turn on overly bright lamps that wake and disturb your newborn.

White Noise Machine: Optional. May aid with sleep and comfort.

Humidifier: Optional. Ideal if your nursery is particularly dry or if you live in a dryer climate. Your baby’s doctor may also recommend this if your child has a cold or cough.

Clothes Storage: Your newborn will get (and outgrow) a lot of clothes fast. You’ll need somewhere handy to organize and store these.

Nursery Glider or Rocking Chair: An ideal place for nursing, bedtime stories and rocking your little one to sleep.

Pacifier:You’ll want a few of these as they tend to get lost or misplaced right when you need them the most.

Mobile: Perfect for intellectual stimulation and soothing a child to sleep.

Feeding Checklist

Burp Cloths:Plan on your little one spitting up…a lot. These cloths will protect your clothes from impossible to remove stains.

Nursing Cover: For added privacy when nursing in public.

Receiving Blankets:Thin and versatile, these blankets can double as a burping cloth, swaddle or nursing cover.

Nursing Pillow:U-shaped, these pillows offer additional comfort and support for you and your little one when nursing.

Bibs: Be sure to grab several. These will get a lot of use.

Bottles and Nipples: Even if you intend on breastfeeding, you’ll need a few bottles on hand.

Breast Pump: For those breastfeeding, a breast pump is a must. Modern pumps are available in both manual and electric/battery powered versions, with some even pumping BOTH breasts at once to save time.

Formula: Talk with your healthcare provider about the best options here.

Bottle Warmer: You can go old school and use a pan of warm water on the stove, but estimating optimal temperatures can be hard. A bottle warmer ensures the perfect temp every time.

Milk Storage Bags:These disposable bags are uniquely designed to store and keep breast milk fresh.

Bottle Brush: Bottles are notoriously difficult to clean. A bottle brush can make this process a breeze.

Bottle Sterilizer: When you don’t have time for a thorough washing, a bottle sterilizer can work in a pinch, offering a quick way to keep things sterile and clean.

Bottle Drying Rack: Optional, these racks might be a good idea if you have little room in your regular dish drying rack.

Diapering Checklist

Changing Table:An absolute must is a safe space to change the hundreds of diapers you’ll go through.

Changing Pad: Improves the comfort of a changing table while helping you keep it clean.

Diapers:Did you know that your newborn may need upwards of 70 diapers per week! Whoa!

Wipes: Paper just won’t cut it. Wipes are needed for gentle cleaning of the diaper area.

Washcloths:Perfect for really messy diapers, food messes and gentle cleaning between baths.

Diaper Rash Cream: Diaper rashes are a fairly frequent occurrence with newborns and you’ll want to be ready ahead of time.

Diaper Pail:A separate place to throw out your baby’s dirty diapers. After all, you don’t want them stinking up other areas of your home like a kitchen trash can.

Newborn Clothing Checklist

Your newborn will quickly grow out of clothing, but there are a few clothing items you’ll need on hand to get them started off right.

  • Swaddle blanket
  • Pajamas, sleeping sacks and/or sleepers
  • Undershirts
  • One-piece / onesies
  • T-shirts
  • Leggings or other types of stretchy pants
  • Sweater or jacket
  • Booties / socks
  • Brimmed hat to protect them from the sun
  • Knit hat with a cap for colder weather
  • Snowsuit
  • Mittens
  • Special outfits (optional, for special occasions such as holidays)

Bath Time Checklist

Baby Bath Seat or Tub:A baby bath seat or tub can make bathing your newborn a safer, easier and more enjoyable experience for you and your little one.

Shampoo: Specifically engineered shampoo safe for newborns.

Soap: Mild soap made just for babies and newborns.

Bathing Cup: Any cup will suffice. Used to scoop and gently pour warm water over your newborn in a controlled manner.

Towels: Extra plush and hypoallergenic towels.

Washcloths: You can never have too many of these.

Moisturizer: Newborn formulas for preventing or helping heal any dry patches of skin.

On-the-Go Checklist

Your newborn has forever changed your life for the better, but life as usual still goes on. This means going to work, school, and running errands. Here are a few items you will need when out and about.

Car Seat:From their first ride to the next few years, your child will need to ride in various types of car seats based on your local state laws.

Stroller: From full size to travel-friendly models, what’s best will be up to you and your lifestyle.

Baby Carrier or Wrap: Enables you to keep your newborn close and your hands-free. Available in backpack, front pack, sling and wrap styles.

Diaper Bag:From fashionable to functional, these bags ensure you always have diapers readily accessible at a moment’s notice.

Sun Shade:Car windows offer little protection from the sun, and can even enhance UV light. Shades will keep your baby protected when you’re driving around during the warmer months.

Portable Crib: These fold down or pop-up cribs are perfect when visiting family.

Portable Changing Pad: For when you’re ‘on the go’ and your baby already ‘went’.

Disposable Diaper Pail:The last thing you want is to reek of dirty diapers when on the go. A disposable diaper bag or pail will lock in odors no matter where you are.

Stroller Rain Cover:Like an umbrella, but for your stroller.

Newborn Health and Safety Checklist

First Aid Kit: An absolute essential. Of course, we hope you never need it, but accidents do happen and it's always good to be prepared for whatever life throws at us.

Bulb Syringe:Perfect for removing excess mucus from your infant’s nose.

Baby Thermometer: So you’ll always know if they have a fever.

Nail Clippers or Soft Emery Board: Even newborns will need to keep their nails trimmed, while maintaining smooth nail edges is a must to prevent accidental scratching of their eyes and face.

Soft-bristled Hairbrush:Even when your newborn has little hair to fuss with, a soft brush can loosen scales and remove dead or dry skin if they develop cradle cap.

Sunscreen:Infants should be kept out of direct sunlight the first six months of their lives. But sometimes shade is scarce when out and about. A bit of sunscreen on exposed areas can help.

Babyproofing: It’s never too early to get a head start on babyproofing household items and appliances such as electrical outlets, stove and cabinet doors.

Ready to Go Shopping!

With this Newborn Checklist in hand, you’ll have a quick reference guide to all the essentials needed to keep your little one safe, happy and healthy from their first day home.

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